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MHM2 has been responsible for a wide range of publications through which we share research results and current understandings. These documents and resources provide insights into who we are, our impact and our ongoing work. Our publications reflect our commitment to transparency and our efforts to contribute to evolving understandings of and improvements to services and systems involved with mental health, alcohol, and other drug and criminal justice.
Our publications span two key categories: Publications about MHM2 and Publications about our work.

Publications about MHM2

This section contains documents, articles, and reports about our organisation including our annual reports, and strategic plan which detail our financial and operational progress. These reports offer an in-depth look at our work and the impact we have made on the lives of individuals and families navigating mental health, alcohol, and other drug challenges and the criminal justice system.
Some of the resources available in this category include:
Annual reports :
Delve into our annual reports to discover our financial, operational and project highlights, as well as our charity’s growth since 2021.
Organisational overview:
Gain a better understanding of MHM2’s mission, vision, values, and work through our comprehensive overview document.
Strategic plan:
Explore our strategic plan to learn about our purpose, vision, values and activities.
News articles:
Read news articles and interviews featuring MHM2 to learn more about our work, our team, and the impact we have made on the mental health landscape in Australia.

Publications about our work

This section showcases reports, articles and other documents related to projects or activities we have led or in which we’ve partnered or participated.
As a lived experience-led organisation our resources available in this category include:
Project reports:
Access reports from projects we have led or partnered in, offering insights into our collaborative efforts to improve mental health, alcohol, and other drug use services for individuals and families.
Research articles:
Browse articles we have contributed to, which highlight our commitment to mental health and alcohol and other drug research and the importance of lived experience-led and peer-led initiatives.
Read vignettes that demonstrate the impact of our work on individuals, families, and communities in Australia, showcasing the real-life benefits of our programs and services.
Policy submissions:
Review our submissions to government consultations and inquiries, which reflect our commitment to systemic advocacy and influencing policy change for the betterment of mental health, alcohol, and other drug use services.
Conference presentations:
Explore our conference presentations, which showcase our expertise and thought leadership in the mental health sector, as well as our commitment to knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Search by keywords

To find publications relevant to your interests, you may search our database using specific keywords such as mental health research, annual reports, lived experience-led organisation, mental health organisation Australia, or lived experience organisation and alcohol and other drug services. By using these keywords, you can quickly identify and access the resources that best suit your needs.
We encourage you to explore our publications to learn more about MHM2 and the transformative work we do in the mental health sector. Our resources not only provide valuable information about our organisation and our work but also serve as powerful tools for those seeking to make positive change in mental health, alcohol, and other drug and criminal justice services and systems.
Building people’s confidence and capabilities: Get in touch
At MHM2, we’re committed to working strategically to embed Lived Experience expertise into the mental health system. alcohol and other drug and criminal justice systems. Our goal is to create better options and improved lives for those facing mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and possible criminal justice involvement. We believe that by working together in a values-based way, we can make a real difference.
Our long-standing presence in the mental health, alcohol and other drug areas is a testament to our dedication and passion for creating positive change. Over the years, we’ve learned, grown, and evolved, always with the aim of enhancing the lives of those in our community.
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