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Meet the MHM2 Board


MHM2 Board Members

Virginia Catterall
Director / Treasurer
Virginia is a Consumer Lived Experience (Peer) leader in WA and has designated roles on a number of strategic governance committees and advisory bodies. In 2020 Virginia was the recipient of the WA Lived Experience Impact and Sustainability Award. Virginia holds a Degree in Banking and Finance and a Masters Certificate in Project Management.
Margaret Doherty
Founder / Chairperson
Margaret founded MHM2 in 2010 following her experiences of caring for and about family members with experiences of mental health and alcohol and other drug challenges, one of whom experienced imprisonment. Margaret holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and Commerce (Honours) and post-graduate qualifications in Education, Mental Health. She is also a 2015 National Peer Champion.
Wendy Cream
Director / Secretary
Wendy is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and counsellor with 40 years experience working in the government and NGO sectors. She also brings a family experience caring for a young person while living in regional WA. Wendy was the designated Family/Carer representative on the 2021 Ministerial Taskforce into Public Mental Health Services for Infants, Children and Adolescents and is currently a member of a number of strategic and lived experience advisory committees.
Craig Cumming

Craig is a researcher at UWA working with vulnerable populations such as those who have been in prison, and homeless. He co-hosts The Meaning of Health podcast where a range of health issues are discussed with expert researchers, clinicians and consumers. Craig holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia, Bachelor of Laws with first class honours and a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice from Edith Cowan University in 2016.

Louise Southalan​
Louise is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of justice-involved people and finding ways to enable good evidence to usefully assist decision makers in justice systems. Louise has a Master of International Mental Health Policy and Services, a Master of International and Community Development, a Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills and a Bachelor of Laws. She is a 2018 Churchill Fellow.
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