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Let us assist with your Education & Development needs

At MHM2 we’re keen to lead and partner with agencies who wish to build their capacity, skills and knowledge to work with people with a lived experience and Lived Experience (Peer) workers in contemporary ways.

Some of our current projects include the design and delivery of:

  1. Peer Skillset to the Aboriginal Peer Navigators at St Pat’s, Fremantle.
  2. Family Perspective to the online Peer Skillset course, North Metropolitan TAFE
  3. One-to-one Lived Experience (Peer) Co-reflection/Supervision and Group Co-reflection/Supervision session to Ruah Community Services, Perth.


We have lots of experience in leading and helping services think around, plan and effectively hold co-design and co-production activities and projects. Examples include:

  1. Co-production of the Families and Recovery Masters Unit with Curtin University (School of Social Work and Occupation Therapy).
  2. Co-design Cafe Series with WAAMH and wellrounded.
  3. Co-production of the Treatment, Support and Discharge Resources for families in relation to the Mental Health Act 2014.


If you would like to have a chat with us about what we offer, please contact us 

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