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Co-design and Co-production

Lived Experience Co-design Community of Practice

Engaging with people can happen in many ways. Arnstein (1969) developed a ladder of participation on which many modern approaches are grounded

For more information on engagement approaches check out the WA Mental Health Commission’s Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit at www.mhc.wa.gov.au/media/2532/170876-menheac-engagement-framework-web.pdf

Co-design is a specific engagement approach and design process which aims to ensure that the views, preferences, skills and abilities of people who use services help to meaningfully influence, or lead, how services are designed. As a result, services will be a better fit for what people need and want.

Co-production includes people being equitably involved in the entire process of design, delivery and evaluation.

Check out the following resource:

Co-production – putting principles into action in mental health contexts (2018): Cath Roper, Flick Grey, Emma Cadogan (2018).

MHM2’s Lived Experience facilitators have been part of organising and facilitating many co-design and co-production activities. We led the co-design of the Lived Experience Co-design Community of Practice in 2021/2022. Its purpose was to build capacity with people with lived experience communities to engage with the increasing number of co-design activities in the mental health, alcohol and other drug sectors. The group co-designed this Information Guide for anyone who might wish to learn about co-design.

Check out the Resource Library by joining the group at www.carehub.waamh.org.au.

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