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Who We Are

Who we are

Our identity

Mental Health Matters 2 (MHM2) is more than a charity; it’s a beacon of hope, connection and empowerment for individuals and families experiencing mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and criminal justice involvement. Our roots have been firmly embedded in the lived and living experiences of people and their expertise. This makes us a unique, values-based, lived experience-led charity. Born from a grassroots systemic advocacy group in 2010, MHM2 has developed into a powerful catalyst for positive, sustainable change. Our goal of embedding Lived Experience expertise at all levels of decision-making seeks to achieve better outcomes and challenge stigma and discrimination.

Our purpose: Why our values-based charity exists

MHM2 works with and for individuals and families with experiences of mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and criminal justice involvement. The reason we exist is to bridge the gap between lived experience of these challenges and the services and system responses people received, or do not receive. As a lived experience-led charity, we act courageously to achieve positive, effective systems change which will ensure better outcomes for individuals and families.
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Achieving better outcomes while promoting understanding

We believe that people with lived and living experiences as individuals, family members or supporters offer invaluable and unique knowledge and skills for services and system reform. Using this expertise and peer approaches to lead new initiatives brings the possibility of achieving better outcomes for people with mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and criminal justice involvement. By partnering and leading with this expertise, we aim to create kinder, more effective and culturally secure approaches and responses.
Our commitment: Advocacy and support

Out commitment extends beyond the conventional definition of support. MHM2 works with and for individuals and families helping them to navigate their unique experiences with mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and the criminal justice system. We also work to improve the ways in which services and systems respond to achieve better outcomes. We believe in leveraging our collective lived experiences and expertise to champion systemic advocacy, promote human rights and to address stigma and discrimination.

The power of lived experience: Transforming leadership
At MHM2 we actively promote the transformative power of Lived Experience leadership. Our strength lies in embracing diversity. We celebrate the uniqueness of each person and family’s journey and support them to build on their experiences to develop expertise which can inform real change. We support communities to be led by their leaders who live and draw on their unique cultures and approaches. This includes Aboriginal-led initiatives and acknowledge the richness of the Social and Emotional Wellbeing approach.
Outcomes that matter: Our vision
We’re committed to informing better outcomes as identified by people in the mental health, alcohol and other drug and criminal justice areas. We support a move from measuring outputs (what was delivered by a service or program) to measuring impact (what difference was made in the lives of prople). We take pride in being inclusive, innovative and courageous in how we work.

Welcoming of diversity and inclusion

MHM2 is a place where diversity is welcomed and celebrated. We are dedicated to building a space where all individuals, irrespective of their backgrounds and experiences, can feel valued and included. We work closely with a broad range of stakeholders, including individuals, families, non-profit agencies, and government departments, fostering an environment that is fair, equitable and inclusive.
Developing capability and confidence: Our approach
We are dedicated to fostering growth and development in those we serve, as well as in ourselves. By providing and partnering in training, consultancy, educational and research activities, we aim to building the confidence and capabilities of individuals, families, services and systems to achieve better outcomes for and in people’s lives.
Lived Experience (Peer) workforces: Our backbone
At the heart of MHM2 is our commitment to developing and embedding Lived Experience (Peer) workforces across services (including MHM2) and systems. We acknowledge these workforces to be an important disruptive element in transforming service and system responses to achieve better outcomes. We support the readiness and change that needs to take place in services and systems to sustainably embed these workforces. This work takes boldness and courage and we’re committed to staying the course with individuals, leaders and services who invest in these changes.
MHM2’s lived experience leadership – including at Board level – is instrumental in steering our charity’s course, embodying our values in every interaction.
Our Values: Guiding our actions
MHM2 was conceived with a commitment to core values that continue to guide our actions. We pledge to maintain graciousness, especially during challenging times, ensuring that kindness and clearness pervades our interactions. Our stance is informed, drawing from the latest knowledge and understandings, including when they challenge the status quo. We are just, fair, and inclusive in our engagement with others. Our approach is hopeful – exploring possibilities while acknowledging challenges. Lastly, we remain resolute, purposeful, and determined in our work.
Leaving a Legacy: Driving positive change
MHM2 is more than a charity; we are part of broader social justice and human rights movements. We are committed to leading change that challenges stigma and discrimination; fostering a culture that embraces diversity and respects lived experience and Lived Experience expertise. Our dedication to systemic advocacy to achieving better outcomes and the embedding of sustainable Lived Experience (Peer) Workforces and leadership roles is unwavering.
Building people’s confidence and capabilities: Get in touch
At MHM2, we’re committed to working strategically to embed Lived Experience expertise into the mental health system. alcohol and other drug and criminal justice systems. Our goal is to create better options and improved lives for those facing mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and possible criminal justice involvement. We believe that by working together in a values-based way, we can make a real difference.
Our long-standing presence in the mental health, alcohol and other drug areas is a testament to our dedication and passion for creating positive change. Over the years, we’ve learned, grown, and evolved, always with the aim of enhancing the lives of those in our community.
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