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We welcome volunteers and allies who support our goals and purpose. Roles include helping to develop, support and deliver our education, support, training and research activities. Please call us to discuss how your availability, skills and interests may fit with our needs.

  • 8.6 million Australians aged 16-85 are estimated to have experienced mental health challenges at some time in their life. 4.2 million have experienced mental health challenges in the previous 12 months.
  • People with mental health and alcohol and other drug challenges are over-represented in prison populations and often experience challenges in re-integrating to the community due to lack of appropriate accommodation and services.
  • People can and do recover from mental health challenges with the appropriate supports and services.
  • Embedding a diverse range of lived experience perspectives in decision-making and designated roles across services improves outcomes for individuals and family members. MHM2 works to make that happen.
  • We also appreciate that people may donate their time and energy as a volunteer.
  • Your donation is crucial to enable a better life for vulnerable people and families in the Western Australian community. These donations can be made through:
  • Setting up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct payment
  •  Leaving a bequest in your Will

  • Sponsorship
  • A one-off donation

If you want to help create lasting, positive change for individuals and families with experiences of mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges and criminal justice involvement, donate to MHM2 today or contact us to discuss other ways to contribute.

MHM2 has DGR charitable status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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At MHM2, our goal is for individuals and families experiencing mental health, alcohol and other drug and criminal justice involvement to live their best possible lives in the communities of their choice. We believe this is more likely to happen when services and systems are co-designed and co-produced with a diversity of Lived Experience expertise. We firmly believe that by working well together, this goal is achievable.
Our long-standing presence in the mental health space is a testament to our dedication and passion for creating positive change. Over the years, we’ve learned, grown, and evolved, always with the aim of enhancing the lives of those in our community.
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