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Families 4 Families WA Tuesday 11th May 2021 (Zoom) 7pm – 8pm Topic: How to make listening your Superpower (or at least get better at it!) Guest Presenter: Jason Lim

Have you ever been listening to someone speak while preparing your advice, response, defence, justification or explanation? 
Learning to listen deeply helps to shift conversations and relationships but sometimes we get in our own way despite our best efforts. 
Our guest presenter Jason describes himself as a financial sector outcast who somehow landed in the helping profession.

Over the last 10 years, Jason has worked mostly in the mental health sector. He has worked in individual and group settings including adults, young people and with families.

Originally trained as a counsellor, Jason has recently completed a postgraduate course in Family Therapy, finishing in 2020

Currently finding himself all the way down in Mandurah, he is the Clinical Lead at their local headspace. There, he works to support other staff and has direct contact with young people 12-25 and their families. 

Headspace supports young people who have mild-moderate mental health challenges and offer assessment, care coordination and counselling. If you’re a first-time F4FWA Zoom attendee, please rsvp to [email protected] or text 0413 861 049 so that we can send you the Zoom link. Previous attendees will automatically be sent the link.

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