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Families 4 Families WA – Christmas Picnic – Hyde Park, Perth Saturday 12th December 9am – 11.00am

2020 is almost over and it’s time for our annual Christmas gathering.

christmas gathering in the park.jpg

We’ve chosen to share this time outside in the fresh air. The early time slot will hopefully allow us to enjoy a cooler temperature and a less crowded park.

Where? Hyde Park near the children’s playground. Hyde Park is in North Perth and the children’s playground is on thecorner of Throssell Street and Glendower Street. You will see play equipment. (The water playground is a separate section.) The MHM2 banner will be there to guide you.

What should you bring? A chair or blanket: some food and drink. We’ll be sharing only within family groups due to COVID.

What do we need to remember? Even though we’ll be outside, social distancing is mandatory.

Any queries to Bridget on 0488 368 446

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